lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2013

Surprise Essence Concealer [ Etude House ] Review

Hello sweethearts :D

Today's review is about my actual concealer, Surprise Essence from Etude House in light beige shade. (It comes in two shades, light beige and natural beige)

I purchased it from eBay for around 5$ which is quite affordable considering how long it lasts for. It has the usual cute girly cute etude house's packaging which I adore ^^

It's very easy to apply thanks to it's applicator, but the packaging gets dirty very easily which bothers me a lot. Let me explain, when you close it, a lot of concealer somehow gets squished through the cap. I even tried to put it in carefully but this keeps happening ;_;

I normally use this over a light layer of bb cream to take care of the most visible flaws on my skin, on this picture I used it over my bare skin so the covering is not as high as it usually is, but it's still pretty good. I noticed it leaves a very bright spot on the area once applied, but it blends in when it settles and it does it's job. It also has a very light scent which I personally like and won't be noticed once it's on your skin.

Conclusion, I don't really like the packaging because it's very dirty and I waste a lot of product because of it, on the other hand the concealer itself does it's job and hides imperfections. It's also very affordable. ¿Would I repurchase it? I'm not sure, if I find something similar for the same price I might try it instead to see if I find a concealer with a better packaging, if not I'll probably repurchase this.


♥♥♥♥ 4/5

Have a nice week :D

X Laura

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  1. Hummm,... I don't like essence.... hahahaa

    1. No es Essence, es de Etude house pero se llama essence :/ !!

    2. jajajaaj.... si cuando te escribí, pensé que yo tenía en la cabeza que eras española,.... pero no sé... comolo veía todo en inglés....
      y no te digo, que lo del inglés no es lo mio, ves como lo entendí mal! ajajajaj

  2. Ooh, the thing with the cap would drive me crazy. $5 is a great price though!

    1. It does bother me a lot D:< But the price is very good indeed

  3. Esta bien por el precio que tiene, besitos

  4. Tiene muy buena pinta a parte que todo lo que he probado de esa amrca hasta ahora me ha encantado, besos.

  5. Pues tiene buena pinta y no está nada mal de precio.
    Un besote de  Lamiradadeluci

  6. No conocia el producto pero me convence..

  7. He leído mas opiniones de este producto, y todas son bastante favorables. Besos.

  8. This concealer doesn't really work well for me though :(
    Great blog you have there! It would be great if we could be friends on BLOGLOVIN! :)

    -Beverley (


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