miércoles, 31 de julio de 2013

Tony Moly Appletox Peeling Cream & Etude House Missing U Hand cream Review

Hi cuties ^^!  Today I'm reviewing Tony Moly's Appletox Peeling Cream and Etude's House Missing U Owl Hand Cream.

As you can see both of them have epicly cute packages. I'll talk about the peeling first :p! It costs around 10$ in eBay

Product Description 

I't has a very creamy consistency and a very nice and fresh apple scent. 
It contains Green Apple Extract, Minerals (Mg, Fe), Vitamins A, E, B1, B6, C, AHA Acid and is meant to maintain skin's natural firmness, brightness and exfoliate dead skin cells. it expires after 2 years once it's been opened and it has 80 gr of product! Quite a lot.

How to use & Conclusion

I use this after cleansing my face, I dip my finger in and withdraw enough cream to cover my entire face with a thin layer of product. I massage my face for around 2-3 minutes and let it make effect for 30 seconds more. First impression is it makes my skin feel relaxed and moisturized. After massaging my face for 2 minutes white particles start appearing. Once rinsed off it leaves a feeling of softness and freshness n your skin, it also makes your skin look brighter. I've heard people saying this cream may not be good for oily skin, well, this is not true! My skin is really oily and it makes my skin feel clean and soft. In conclusion, I love this peeling cream... It doesn't irritate my skin, but it's not even delicate, so I can't tell if it's only me :P

¿Will I buy it again?  Definitely Yes! It feels great on my skin and I love how the package looks like, haha.

Now I'm gonna talk about Etude House's Owl Hand Cream, which costs around 10$ in eBay.

Product Description

Formulated with Shea Butter and Herb water rich in certified organic nutrients. It's eco-friendy, paraben, alcohol and mineral oil free. This cream doesn't only help moisturize dry hands, but it also helps our endangered flying friends xD. 

It is available in four different colours and scents. 

Green Owl: Apple Scent
Blue Owl:
Sweet Cotton Candy Scent
Pink Owl: Cherry Scent
Yellow Owl: Peach Scent

it comes in a really cute house shaped box, which is made with recycled paper.

Mine is torn because it was wrapped in gift paper and the cellophane took half of the box away with it xD. It also came with a little owlie mobile phone chain thingie which I loved, it was a really nice detail.


It's a moisturizing hand cream that doesn't make your hands sticky and gets absorved quickly. It has a very rich scent and the package is awesome. ¿Will I buy it again? No, because it brings such a tiny ammount of cream, and the price is too high considering how much the cream lasts. I'd only buy it if it was cheaper. I'll probably refill the package with another cream when it's over :p haha


♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5

Hand cream
♥♥♥♥♥ 4/5
Hope the review was useful!

X Laura

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lunes, 29 de julio de 2013

3W Clinic Natural Make Up Powder nº21 Review

Hi sweeties!

Today's update comes with a review of my actual 3W Clinic loose powder.

I bought it from eBay for 5€, which is awesome considering it contains 30g of product,
which is A LOT for loose powder. I'm using it for more than a year and I didn't even use half of it.

It's available in three shades, light beige nº 21 beige nº23, and translucent. I have the nº21 shown below ^^


This loose powder promises:

- Making your face appear thinner, due to the refletion of the light which causes a tridimensional effect. (This sounds really stupid to be honest)

- It is long lasting, waterproof and sweatproof, it doesn't stain.

- It highlights your face, fixes your make up and leaves a semi matte effect

- It's Moisturizing, makes your skin soft and controls oil.

It's a non comedogenic product, it contains NO oils, it doesn't obstruct pores and it allows your skin to breathe easily. This product is very famous between korean celebrities, professional make up artists use them on Korean Dramas and they're the most sold loose powders in Korea, Japan and Hong Kong.

In the next picture I'm weating Peach girl BB cream +  3W Clinic Natural Make Up Powder nº21

My thoughts

The loose powder is very fine, it has an enjoyable soft baby powder smell that I personally love.
They make your skin irresistibly soft and velvety, it doesn't crease and it leaves a matte beautiful finish. They're perfect for using over your BB cream, I've got oily combination skin and they control oil for more than 5 hours in my case and they fix my make up for a long time. I think it depends on what kind of BB you're using tho :), you can always reapply and look like new. The only problem is it's too big to carry around

It says it makes your face look thinner cause of the reflection of the light blablabla... Lies, it doesn't make my face look any thinner, nor did I expect it too to be honest.

The package is nothing special, just a plastic round container but it serves it's purpose.
I still can't believe how cheap this product is and how much powders it brings, it really is worth it.


I haven't tried any loose powders that work better than these, normally it's very hard for me to find any that fit my skin tone and they're too dark, these are just perfect tho and you can choose out of three shades, one of them translucent! I don't think I'm gonna stop using these any time soon, I totally recommend them if you're looking for loose powders to fix your make up and get a semi matte velvety effect.

★ 5/5

¿Have you tried these? ¿What loose powder or compact powder do you use?

X Laura

domingo, 28 de julio de 2013

Goodbye Pore ever Etude House Primer Review

Hi cuties!
Today's update comes with a review of one of my favorite products. It's Etude House's Goodbye Pore Ever Primer!

The Package is awesome and I love it.

The ingredients are written in Korean so I couldn't understand anything.
This primer promises to minimize pores, control oil and it makes it easier for you to use your make up. It contains 20ml and its price is around 9$ in eBay.

 The quantity of product we use is easily regulated by the tiny hole of the container. It has a soft vanilla scent that lingers on your skin very shortly, it's also very creamy.

But, does it really control oil and minimize pores?
Here's a picture of my skin without any make up on it.

As you can see my pores are enlarged due to my ability to destroy and explode pimples and blackheads. I apply not even a pea of the product all over the affected area, it takes around 5 minutes to settle so don't apply your make up until it's completely dry. When it is your skin will feel velvety and soft, but the wait is totally worth it to get the desired result, which is this:

As you can see my pores are obviously smoother and less noticeable on the second picture, I didn't really expect this product to work SO WELL.
it does promise to control oil, I really don't know if this is true because I always use my BB and lose powders after using this powder.


- Minimizes pores in a noticeable way.
- It's affordable.
- It has a cute package.


- It takes a while to settle which can be bothersome if you're in a hurry.

♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5


I really like this product, it does it's job and the result is amazing. I don't mind having to wait for it to dry because the result is worth it, would totally buy it again.

¿Have you tried this product?

X Laura

viernes, 26 de julio de 2013

Cat wink's BB Cream, Magic Bubble Peeling Pack & First attempt at making cupcakes

UPDATE: After using this BB cream my face got a terrible break out,  after two hours my make up got spoiled, it made my skin oily and incredibly greasy, not to mention the way it enlarged my pores. A total disaster and waste of money, I don't recommend it.

Hi ladies! Hope you're having a nice week. Mine is being awesome, can't complain about it.

 I bought Tony Moly's Cat's Wink BB cream a few weeks ago for 10,99$ in eBay. It arrived yesterday after a long wait (Finally!), and the kind seller included a couple of gifts.


I was very excited about receiving this parcel :D
As you can see the BB comes in a extremely cute package. Unfortunately for me, my parcel got smashed and the box is destroyed as you can barely see if you look at the corners. It actually looks so much worse in real... This pissed me off a little bit :<

The cream is of a very light shade that fits my milky skin perfectly xD

It has a gel consistency, and as you can see on my next picture, it covers skin flawlessly. It's coverage reminded me of Holika Holika's Petit BB cream, but this one is just a lighter shade, just what I was looking for (As I said in one of my previous entries, Holika's Petit BB is just too dark for me!)
The problem is after wearing for a while the product just... becomes really weird, it enlarges my pores, makes them more noticeable and it creases all over your face. It actually happened the three times I used this product, not only once, no idea why this happened tho.

Everything on the box is written in Korean so I couldn't understand anything at all, but after researching in the internet I figured out what this BB is about.

Tony Moly's Cat's Wink BB cream is supposed to control oil, whiten and brighten your skin and it has a very good coverage, it can cover blemishes and dark spots easily. It also has a 25 SPF and it's benzophenone, mineral oil and artificial dye free.

Apparently it doesn't work for me :S

About Etude's Magic Bubble water peeling; It can be used once or twice a week, it's some kind of gel that becomes foam once you apply it gently on your face and massage it. It has a wonderful scent, and it makes your face feel great as you keep massaging, but I didn't feel any difference on my skin after using it to be honest. Maybe one use is not enough to feel any effect...

Have a wonderful week, 

X Laura

lunes, 1 de julio de 2013

Holo nail polish from BornPrettyStore Effect #1 Review

Hola preciosidades,

No hace mucho participé en un evento en el cual www.bornprettystore.com regalaba pintauñas holográficos a las 200 primeras personas que siguieran las instrucciones, y tuve la oportunidad de recibir uno a mi elección para probarlo. Elegí el tono #1, que es este:

La verdad es que quedé gratamente sorprendida, tiene un efecto precioso como podeis ver en las fotos, y en realidad me cuesta parar de mirarme la uñas sobre todo cuando les da el sol jajaja.

Lo que más me ha gustado de este esmalte:

- Su efecto, es mucho más bonito que el de cualquier otro holográfico que haya probado.
- La facilidad para aplicarlo, lo alisado y suave que queda.
- Secado super rápido, se seca casi de inmediato.

Lo que menos:

- Necesitas muchas capas para que no quede translúcido,  yo tuve que usar cuatro capas para que quedara totalmente opaco.
- El precio, 12€ por 6ml me parece una barbaridad aunque el esmalte tiene una muy buena calidad.

En cuando al trato y servicio con bornprettystore store estoy muy contenta, fue todo muy rápido y sin problemas y me trataron muy amablemente. Por si no lo sabeís bornprettystone es una tienda online asiática con gastos de envío gratuitos en la cual podeís encontrar casí cualquier cosa desde menos de un euro.

En conclusión, estoy contenísima con mi nuevo esmalte, probablemente lo volvería a comprar si estuviera de oferta, porque como he dicho 12€ por 6ml me parece una barbaridad. Ahora mismo los tienen con un 57% de descuento aquí y se quedan a 4.28€ cada uno, que esta genial.  No descarto comprarme un par porque tienen unos tonos preciosos y me he quedado con las ganas.

Espero que os haya servido la review
Que empeceís la semana con buen pie ;)