viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

Holika Holika Peach Girl BB Cream Review!

Hi girls!

This is my actual favorite BB cream, I bought it from eBay for 12$ and I haven't stopped repurchasing it since then,  I don't know why, but it's been getting harder and harder to find, to the point where only one seller in ebay has it and the price has gone up to 23$ plus 43$ shipping, which I obviously won't even bother spending on it :/! It's so sad because I still haven't found a BB cream that makes me nearly as happy as this one and apparently this one stopped being sold... I'll talk about it anyway.

The box is adorable,  pink girly colors and an iridiscent border on it's name, I like it a lot.
The container might look boring and it's made of plastic, but it makes the product easy to use and you can get just the ammount you need because of it's perfec sized hole. It also comes with a pretty creamy blush and a little mirror that caught my attention from the first time.

     (Here's a swatch of the blush color, isn't it pretty?)

It's a creamy and easy to extend cream, it has a delicious peachy scent and it has a medium to high coverage.

It leaves a good face finish and a moisturized and pretty skin, it's a moist finish but you can always seal it with powders for a matte look. I personally like using a little powder for a semi matte effect that looks healthy and amazing both in pictures and in real :)

I really can say nothing bad about this BB, it's just perfect for me, I love it and I'm so sad I can't find it anywhere anymore, if anyone knows a similar BB cream please let me know.

¿Which is your favorite BB cream? 

Have a nice day ^^


♥♥♥♥♥ 5/5

X Laura

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jueves, 1 de agosto de 2013

Baviphat Magic Girls Plus BB Cream review

Hi sweethearts! ¿How's your week going?

More than a month ago I purchased my usual BB cream (Holika's Peach girl BB) from e-Bay. I noticed my old one was coming to an end, and as you already know products ordered from Korea take around a month to arrive. So I waited, and waited... 36 days passed, and I was so pissed, my old BB was already empty. So I contacted the seller, enquiring about my item location. ¿Can you imagine what he told me?

"Oh, the product is out of stock and we won't receive it until a week or so, you can either get a refund or wait until then for us to deliver the product to you"
Well, couldn't you have told me this before waiting for 36 days after having paid for the product?  he/she even had it set as "shipped". This person didn't even bother or try to contact me for telling me the product was out of stock, nor did he talk about it on the auction, until I decided to send a message one month later to enquire about my purchase. I was really pissed, I obviously got my money back, but seriously, I'm not buying anything from this person anymore. Anyway back to the point!

My BB was already empty, and I couldn't order a new one from Korea because I'd have to wait for another month and I didn't have time for that. At the end, I purchased Fresh feel for oily skin Magic Girs BB cream from the spanish e-Bay because I couldn't find my BB elsewhere, had it home next day.

It's package is ok, nothing special. The good thing is that for once, I was able to read the ingredients and the description because they weren't written in korean. Sadly the ingredient list wasn't very convincing for me.

It contains Dimethicone (Silicon, which isn't good for oily acne prone skin, since it can block your pores) it surprised me because this BB is supposed to be for "oily and sensitive skin", parabens, and squalane (which can be animal (shark liver oil) or vegetable (from olive oil), it doesn't mention which one of these it contains.

"Contain squalane for a fresh moisture, it makes you skin tone smooth, it has a 30spf, it contains natural ingredients Hamamelis and verdolaga, special for sensitive skin"

When it says it contains natural ingredients it means some of them, not ALL, and I didn't like that it contains dimethicone and parabens.

I still tested it, even tho I didn't like it's ingredients

- Nice shade, I think it fits light skin with yellow tones best.
- Medium-High coverage, it actually makes your skin tone smooth and gives you a "good face" effect.
- It has a matte finish and it feels light.
- Smells like solar screen ( exactly like that xD )
- 30 spf
- It doesn't control oil, at least not for me.
- It moisturizes skin ( Well, it doesn't dry it but I didn't feel moisturized )


- It makes your skin tone smooth and it protects it from the sun, it has a matte finish. It doesn't control oil for me, nor does it moisturize my skin. I prefer BB's with a dewy or semimate finish so this isn't for me. But if you're looking for something that covers your flaws, has spf, leaves a matte finish and you don't mind about parabens and dimethicone, this is for you. Also have to mention how afforable this BB is considering how long it lasts.

Hope the review was useful ;) have a wonderful week.


♥♥♥♥♥ 2/5

X Laura

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