sábado, 5 de octubre de 2013

Yanqina Dense Ultra Resistance Volume Mascara Review

 Hello sweethearts!

Not long ago I won a Yanqina Dense ultra resistance volume Mascara from a KKCenterHK giveaway (KKCenterHK is an asian online shop in which you can find everything beauty related), I received it yesterday and I always get very excited when I get something for free so I decided to make a review about it asap. (Even though my last review was also about another mascara, sorry girls, this is mascara review week haha).

 The packaging is very shiny, the metalized parts on the cover are iridescent (their color changes depending on the light). Besides that, it's shape is pretty much normal, just like any other mascara's packaging. The goupillon is big and thick, it's very easy to use and reaches everywhere easily, it's also the average goupillon you'll find in most mascaras. It feels very cheap and it's made of super light plastic.

To be honest, I had never tried an asian mascara so I didn't know what to expect from it.
I had never heard about the brand yanqina and had never seen their products, so I decided to make a little research about it.


"YANQINA Dense Ultra Resistance Volume Mascara increases the definition of your eyelashes,
and also leaves a long-lasting curl so that you can have charming makeup for the entire day!"

Apparently it can only be found at KKCenterHK and it costs 19.85$ (or 14.64€)
I tried looking for it in google and ebay and didn't find any results besides the one from KKCenterHK which was kind of surprising to me. On the other hand I could find other Yanqina products in other shops, but not this mascara in particular.

Anyway, This is how it looks on me:

I like the fact that you can barely see any lumps if any at all, and how well it defines your eyelashes. It certainly does what it says in it's description. It's easy to remove but it's not waterproof so I guess it should be haha.The formula is good.

¿Things I didn't like about it? It's packaging feels very cheap considering it's a 20$ mascara, it just looks like any 4$ mascara you'd purchase in your usual supermarket. I don't really care because it does it's job, but if I had seen it somewhere it WOULD NOT have called my attention at all and I'd have never bought it cause of it's cheap appearance. It also can only be found in one shop, which can be bothersome for some people.

¿Would I repurchase this product? 

I don't think so because there are cheaper mascaras that do the same thing and can be found easily, I definitely liked the product but I find it a little expensive and hard to find.


♥♥♥♥♥ 3/5

Hope this was helpful :P
X Laura